Saturday, September 20, 2014


All 3 borders and the first side done!

Pink RSC Blocks in progress for the top and O.P.O's

I've started adding the blocks I've made from Angela's RSC tutorials onto my scrappy quilt following Rosemary Youngs directions for a Scrappy Orphan Block Quilt.  I'm really happy with how my first quilt is coming along. 

And the O.P.O.'s? Those are Other People's Orphans that I've adopted. I went to the craft thrift store for orange fabric scraps (they have a "scrap" basket and you can fill a lunch size paper bag for $1).  Unfortunately no orange scraps, in fact no orange fabric at all in the entire store! (Fat quarters are normally $0.75, yards are $1.50-$2 depending on the fabric). But, I did find a bunch of orphans in the scrap now I'm going to give them a home in my orphan quilt! :) 


  1. Nice finds, and what great prices.

    1. Thanks! The great part is the store supports a local senior living center and gives unwanted craft supplies a new home...they even have UFO's for sale there!

  2. I too love taking blocks others have cast off and turning them into something beautiful and useful.

  3. Enjoy your orphans. They will make a beautiful quilt once you have them all sewn together.

  4. I've never heard of a thrift store like that! Looks like you are having a lot of fun.

  5. OPO's make such interesting quilts!